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My name is Robert Olson. A few years ago God forced me to throw out everything I used to believed about Him and the Bible. God showed me in 1 Corinthians 2:1-16 that God, Himself, is our teacher because spiritual truth is spiritually understood. Understanding the Bible NEVER begins in your mortal mind; your mind understands only AFTER God teaches you in your born again spirit.

GOD’S METHOD OF UNDERSTANDING THE BIBLE IS AVAILABLE TO EVERY CHRISTIAN. Only God Himself can cause you to understand His Word. If you do not rely on God to teach you, the best you can hope for is to pick from the dozens of difference interpretations of the Bible that other people have formulated.

There is a big condition, however, to understanding the Bible: you must give your old beliefs over to God. Think of beliefs as filling up slots in your mind; if a slot is already filled with an error, it will block God from teaching you. For example, if you believe that the only issue in salvation is the forgiveness of sins, then you will block God from teaching you that salvation is specifically receiving a new, born again heart filled with the Holy Spirit.

Read How to Understand the Bible. Click Here.


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