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To really understand this blog, it is important to learn how to understand the Bible; otherwise, you will not be able to discern if this is just another of many interpretations of the Bible, or if it is God’s interpretation of the Bible. After you learn God’s method of understanding the Bible, ask Him to separate truth from error and protect you from deception. Click Here to learn how to understand the Bible.

When God made me understand that HE IS THE TEACHER, the truth of the Bible opened up for the very first time. He changed my understanding of almost everything after I stopped reading commentaries and other books that were feeding me “wisdom of men” doctrine (1 Corinthians 2:5). Most people follow a denomination; they believe what they are told to believe. You have the choice of trusting God, Himself, to open up His truth to you. To illustrate the point, does your denomination emphasize the central truth of the Christian life? Jesus Christ literally lives in your born again heart and He is your ONLY power to live a righteous life? If you did not know this, you need a better way to understand the Bible.

This blog has one purpose: to help you understand the differences between true Biblical faith and the false elements of religion. This may sound shocking to you. But, when you find out how religion has distorted the straight forward message of the Bible, and how it has diminished your relationship with Jesus Christ, you will turn back to trusting God alone to teach you and be your power to live the Christian life.

If you are new to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and have not learned the errors of religion, go instead to the True Gospel of Jesus Christ website Click Here. It presents the pure Biblical Gospel as the Apostles originally taught it. But, if you have been involved with religion for any length of time, stay on this blog to understand where religion has led you down the wrong path, the path of self-effort, uncertainty and, for some, guilt and despair.

In a nutshell, this is what the Bible teaches: Jesus fulfilled the Mosaic Law by His sinless life. He replaced the Law, based on human works, with New Covenant grace, based on the work and power of God. God defeated sin by the Cross of Christ and He defeated death by raising Jesus from the dead. Today, being made righteous and living righteously come through Jesus Christ living in you, NOT your attempts to follow the Law by your own human strength.

The Bible is straightforward; it says what it means. But, context is critical. Incorrect context and misunderstanding the Mosaic Law are the source of probably 90% of all error being taught today.

As you trust that God, Himself, to teach you, you will see that you can take the Bible at face value. It makes perfect sense just the way it is written. This blog is intended to help you rely on the Holy Spirit alone to teach you. As you do, you will be able to distinguish truth from error and you will be able to experience the fullness of Jesus Christ living in you.

New American Standard Bible (NASB) unless otherwise noted.


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